Avonhurst Judo Club

Judo teaches us to look for the best possible course of action, 
whatever the individual circumstances.

Kano Jigoro

Judogi Information & Prices:

"Judogi is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for judo practice and competition."

Single Weave-White 

Single Weave-Blue

"Competition Starter Kit" ~ Blue & White Double Weave Judogi

Have an old judogi?  Donate it to our Lease-a-Gi program


Lease a "Judogi" Program

" This program is great for Judoka that grow out of their judo-gi every year."

How the program works:

A $80.00 deposit is required at the beginning of the judo year, and the judoka is fitted with a gently used white judogi top, pants & belt.  White judogi is required when they compete.

During the season:

If the athlete has outgrows the judogi during the season, we will just exchange for one that fits.  If they require a blue judogi (for specific competitions, we will give them a loaner for the event-no extra charge)

End of the season:

Once the judogi is returned,  refund $40.00 will be issued, assuming the judogi is returned in GOOD condition (free from stains, tears, etc).

Judoka get to keep their belts !!