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Avonhurst Judo Club COVID-19 Protocols

COVID UPDATE: January 9th, 2020
The Avonhurst Covid Committee, with the support of all our coaches, has made the decision to temporarily shut down programming at the club!  We will pause all in-person classes for the month of January!!  If all goes well, in person classes will resume on February 1st, 2022.

Judo Saskatchewan has implemented the following safety measures, in addition to the Saskatchewan Health Authority restrictions.  
  • Any person, age 12+ that is eligible to be vaccinated and participating on the judo mat must be fully vaccinated and must provide proof of vaccination. 
  • Judo Saskatchewan has announced that mandatory vaccinations for ages 5-11, will become effective on September 1, 2022.
  • All persons regardless of age must wear a mask at all times while at the judo club, including on the mats and all common areas (back door entrance, staircase, etc.)  
  • Judo Saskatchewan members traveling out of province will follow the restrictions in place by the local authorities.
  • Parents are not allowed to stay in the club for the duration of class. They can come into the back entrance to drop off and pick up athletes only.

When you enter the club, a gatekeeper will be at the entrance to ensure the Daily Screening Questionnaire has been completed for each participant.  This is required so accurate contact tracing can be completed. The club needs to be informed of all confirmed cases of Covid-19 in athletes, coaches, and volunteers.

The gatekeeper will also take each participant's temperature, make sure everyone who enters the dojo uses hand sanitizer, has a mask, has clean sandals/socks (to wear when not on the mats), and has a bottle of water.

Covid-19 vaccinations are strongly recommended for all who are eligible for the mutual welfare and benefit of the entire judo community. 


The "gatekeepers" will ensure that the participants have all the necessary items to attend the practice (bag, bottle of water, sandals) and ensure the Daily Screening Questionnaire is compete.

  • Please wear a masks when entering & exiting the dojo.  
  • Daily Screening Questionnaire MUST be completed prior to arriving.
  • Participants must arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of the session.  
  • Everyone entering the will have their temperature taken. If the temperature is equal to or over 38°C they will not be allowed to enter the club. 
  • Everyone arriving at the club must wash their hands with the hand sanitizer. 
  • Parents cannot stay in the club for the duration of the session.
  • Participants should arrive in judogi for quick transition onto the mats.
  • The water fountains will be closed, but can be used to refill their water bottle, if required. 
  • Participants should put their personal belongings in their bag and leave it in a designated place.  
  • Wash hands with hand sanitizer before stepping on the mat.  
  • When leaving the club, wash hands with hand sanitizer and exit the building immediately. 

Essential Measures for ALL Judoka

Hygiene Recommendations to be Taken before Arriving to the Dojo Hygiene Recommendations to be Taken before Arriving to the Dojo
Hygiene Recommendations to be Taken upon Arrival at Home
  • Take a shower and wash your hair 
  • Make sure that your judo equipment has been washed properly (tracksuit, judogi, etc.) 
  • Wash your hands properly and keep your nails short 
  • Go to the restroom before arriving at dojo
  • Wear your judogi under a tracksuit (+ a coat if necessary) to keep the training outfit clean on the way to the dojo
  • Have a bag that is big enough to contain your sanitizing gel/liquid,sandals, water bottle and a paper containing the contact details of your accompanying person who can be reached in case of issues during the training session (for minors) 
  • Take a shower
  • Wash judogi, disinfect the sandals & disinfect the bag
  • Wash the water bottle 
  • Restock the sanitary kit (sanitizing gel/liquid, tissue paper, mask)