Avonhurst Judo Club

Judo teaches us to look for the best possible course of action, 
whatever the individual circumstances.

Kano Jigoro

About our Sensei's

The teaching of one virtuous person can influence many; that which has been learned well by one generation can be passed on to a hundred.  Jigoro Kano

Toshi Shinmura

Godan-5th Degree Black Belt

Shimnura Sensei is a NCCP Level 2 Certified Coach, Godan (5th degree black belt) with over 50 years experience in the sport.  His training began in Japan, where he received his Shodan (1st degree black belt) in high school and was quite successful in competition. He then immigrated to Canada and began teaching at the YMCA in Regina.  He was provincial champion, but unfortunately he was unable to compete at the Canadian National Championships due to citizenship requirements at the time.  Shinmura Sensei then started his own dojo, Seidokan, named in honor of his club in Yaizu, Japan. His ability to recognize athletic potential in young athletes and help them achieve their goals is unmatched in Saskatchewan. Shinmura Sensei was recognized for his long term commitment to Judo being awarded the inaugural Jim O’Sullivan Memorial Award for Long Term Dedication to Judo in Saskatchewan.  

Kimberly Bergey Kaip

Godan-5th Degree Black Belt

Kim was recently inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame 2018 & the Regina Sports Hall of Fame 2017 for her accomplishments as an athlete for Judo & Wrestling.

She is a NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach, with over 40 years in the sport as a athlete, coach and official.  She is also National "A" Level Official & National Level "Kata" Judge and a member of the Judo Saskatchewan Referee Committee. Kim has an extensive competitive background at the national and international level.  She was a member of the Canadian National Team for a span of 5 years, representing Canada at numerous international events.

Lorna Hattum Snider

Sandan-3rd Degree Black Belt
Lorna is NCCP Level 2 Certified Instructor, with over 30 years involvement in the sport.
She is also a National "B" Level Official & National Level "Kata" Judge.  Lorna has an extensive competitive background, winning 2 Canadian National Championships
Lorna is currently a member of the Judo Saskatchewan Executive.

About our Sensei's

"If there is effort, there is always accomplishment"  Jigoro Kano

Ross Kostron

Sandan-3rd Degree Black Belt
Ross is NCCP Level 2 Certified Dojo Instructor, National "A" Level Official & National Level "Kata" Judge and currently the Judo Saskatchewan Chair of Officials. Ross has been involved in coaching at the regional, provincial and national levels. In 2014, he coached the Regina District Saskatchewan Winter Games Team to a gold medal.

Andrew MacLeod

Nidan-2nd Degree Black Belt
Andrew is NCCP Certified Dojo Instructor.  His interests include learning better ways of teaching judo and studying Kata.  Andew has recently become a certified as a National Level "Kata" Judge.  Andrew brings over 20 years of Judo experience from Saskatoon to the club.

Aidan Skaf

Shodan--1st Degree Black Belt

Aidan is NCCP Certified Dojo Instructor and works closely with our High Performance athletes.

Aidan competed in 6 national championships as a member of the Judo Saskatchewan Provincial Team.  In 2016,  he finished 7th as a member of the Junior Pan American.  In 2017 he was a member of the Junior European tour team.

About our Sensei's

"The purpose of the study of Judo is to perfect yourself and contribute to society." Jigoro Kano

Adam MacDonald

Nikyu-Blue Belt & Coach of Rec Adult Class

Adam is certified NCCP Dojo Assistant and coaches our new "recreational adult class". He also leads the Avonhurst Judo Logistics and Support Team a committee to support for the club in a variety of activities, like fundraising, club socials, etc.  If you are interested in working with Adam to support the club, let us know.

Mike Smook

Ikkyu-Brown Belt-Assistant Coach

Mike Smook started Judo in 2012 at the Thunder Bay Judo Club. Mike and his son joined the U8 class and shortly after, his daughters were signed up for our youth program. Mike is currently an Ikkyu (brown belt) and is certified NCCP Dojo Assistant. He continues to compete in veterens, newaza and kata competitions, but has a passion for coaching and sharing his knowledge. 

Levi Couzens

Nikyu-Blue Belt-Assistant Beginner Youth Coach
Joining the coaching ranks this season, is newly promoted Nikyu (blue belt) Levi.  He started Judo at the Avonhurst Judo Club and  has been involved as an athlete, referee and assisting coaching our youth beginners.  Levi competed for the Regina District in the Saskatchewan Winter Games 2018 and is also a Provincial C Referee.  Levi will be back on the mats in 2021-2022 once again to work with our youth athletes.